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Gary Anderson
General Member

I was out of town and unable to attend the general meeting but I am so so happy that you all were able to get together again. It sounded like you had robust and diverse discussion – well done!

I want to point out that the current CSS guidelines require all pets be on-leash and restricted to the parking area (not on the LZO. If we maintain the current, common practice that allows some pets to wander freely, some pets be on-leash and some pets banned entirely then we should change our guidelines to reflect that practice.

I also read in the minutes that our insurance restricts XC flying to H4/P4 pilots. I don’t think this is correct. You can get a USHPA XC skills rating sign off with an H3/P3 rating and you can fly in XC competitions as an H3/P3 with an XC sign off. I must confess that I have never read our insurance policy but restricting XC to advanced pilots directly contradicts USHPA ratings and guidelines.