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    David Webb
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    Some input on the topic of Camping at AJAX:

    As mentioned, there are some campgrounds in the area, but getting a reservation is difficult since many private RV parks allow permanent long term stays that use 60 to 70% of their sites, so obtaining a reservation is difficult, even when calling many months in advance.  As for State & county campgrounds, you must reserve at least 6 months in advance to have any chance of finding an available site. Also, 14 days is the limit of your stay at state & county parks. Many State & County campgrounds are closed due to Covid.

    It seems that no decision has been made concerning this topic…any idea when a decision will be made?

    thanks, Pat


    On the topic of the new shade structure:

    As mentioned, the lowest estimate was $57K … I assume this is for having a contractor do the work? Was there no consideration for doing it ourselves, or is this not allowed by local code?  I’ll me there the months of June & July and would be happy to help rebuild the structure if allowed.



    It seemed to me that most of us at the meeting were pro-camping, we just need to figure out some of the finer details. We need to make sure that all the campers understand they need to keep the area clean and not abuse some of the electricity/power privileges (which has been a big problem in the past). I don’t think most of us are in favor of extended live-in camping at AJX, so part of the details we need to figure out is the max days someone can stay. As long as the campers pay their membership dues, pick up after themselves (and after their dogs) and don’t overstay their welcome by trying to establish permanent residence in our parking lot, most of us are happy to have them & actually miss having them around!

    Gary Anderson
    General Member

    I was out of town and unable to attend the general meeting but I am so so happy that you all were able to get together again. It sounded like you had robust and diverse discussion – well done!

    I want to point out that the current CSS guidelines require all pets be on-leash and restricted to the parking area (not on the LZO. If we maintain the current, common practice that allows some pets to wander freely, some pets be on-leash and some pets banned entirely then we should change our guidelines to reflect that practice.

    I also read in the minutes that our insurance restricts XC flying to H4/P4 pilots. I don’t think this is correct. You can get a USHPA XC skills rating sign off with an H3/P3 rating and you can fly in XC competitions as an H3/P3 with an XC sign off. I must confess that I have never read our insurance policy but restricting XC to advanced pilots directly contradicts USHPA ratings and guidelines.

    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Re: insurance, Gary is correct.  The policy is available online to all USHPA members and refers to both the flight proficiency rating and special skill endorsements of the pilot.  Also could be under the supervision of an instructor.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
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    Pat the 57k is mostly material. Labor is almost all donated. Members or others with skills who can contribute are all welcome. Work parties will be organized. Stay tuned.

    Tim Ward
    General Member


    I’m a little confused as to how XC flying would be something the club could be responsible for.

    We don’t control the launches in the National Forest, and if a pilot is going XC, they’re not landing at AJX.  If you’re going to count successful out and returns as XC, then how much deviation from a minimum distance course to the LZ constitutes an out and return?

    I’d always considered the XC signoff to be of interest mostly to competition organizers.

    Part 103 allows anybody to fly XC at any time, “qualified” or not.

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