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Jonathan Dietch
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Thanks for all the maintenance you do along with the others. Without our information infrastructure I would not have known to change my Sunday plans and get on the 2PM Atmosphere van.

Short edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUtJk6eE6U4

I got set up and launched at 3:35PM from the top of Marshall at the West corner. I was flying my single surface floater HG. I climbed to 5600′ as I drifted back and avoided cloud suck on the way. I headed for the cloverleaf arriving at 5K and worked my way back up eventually topping above 58 at RnR. I may have been wiser to head out over the valley floor along the cloud bottoms but chose to cross the blue hole to Bayliss Park. I got there too low to connect and hit the cloud deck to the East. I soon found myself setting up to land in the park off of Old Waterman Cyn Rd and 18. I got a brief low save there and headed for the spine East of the resort. I connected there and climbed from 2500 to 5K as I drifted toward McKinley. McKinley wasn’t working and I jumped to Harrison which also wasn’t working. I worked the ridgeline with the homes on it South of Highland Ave and East of 330. I will remember this for the future because the ridge and the plowed field behind it are major thermal sources. I landed inside of a ground level thermal which carried me and extra 100′ or so. I plunked down getting my bar and pod dirty but it was fun playing in the ground thermal. Unable to get a ride or driver quickly I finally caught an Uber back. I gave the driver a good tip since he went through a lot of dust from the off-road people. Drove back to the field behind the American Legion hall and grabbed my wing hidden behind the trees with the GPS tracker inside and running.

2021-05-02 Marshall Harrison RX2-190 a