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    David Webb
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    Better-than-expected day. Seemed like a bit of disagreement from the different forecast models for Marshall – almost chose Soboba, as it looked like it would be solidly straight-in with decent speeds for both thermalling and ridge lift. Rolled the dice on Marshall for the day.

    Even though Marshall was still in clouds at 9, drove up to check it out to see if it might lift in a reasonable amount of time. Also took the opportunity to grab the weather station to run some tests on it. Launch was completely socked in (thicker than expected), and it didn’t look like it was going anywhere, so drove down to the 750. There was a light sprinkle there, but completely clear with light winds and good direction. Waited for the sprinkle to stop, but by the time that happened, the sprinklers were on in the LZ and decided to scrap the sledder in favor of lunch.

    Due to the consistent cloud cover and light winds on launch, took off from Marshall at 14:30. Struggled for a bit with small, light stuff, but the lift machine turned on pretty soon after that. Abundant, smooth lift everywhere and easy to bob around at cloudbase. Saw some hangs reaching out east – not sure how far they got but they seemed to be doing well.

    Dark clouds building over Crestline, increased winds, and lowering cloudbase convinced me to go land – hard to give up on the lift party, but it was a fun 2.5 hours. Topped out at 5400′. Was pretty breezy/gusty in the LZ when I came down. Lots of kiters having fun and working hard.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Thanks for all the maintenance you do along with the others. Without our information infrastructure I would not have known to change my Sunday plans and get on the 2PM Atmosphere van.

    Short edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUtJk6eE6U4

    I got set up and launched at 3:35PM from the top of Marshall at the West corner. I was flying my single surface floater HG. I climbed to 5600′ as I drifted back and avoided cloud suck on the way. I headed for the cloverleaf arriving at 5K and worked my way back up eventually topping above 58 at RnR. I may have been wiser to head out over the valley floor along the cloud bottoms but chose to cross the blue hole to Bayliss Park. I got there too low to connect and hit the cloud deck to the East. I soon found myself setting up to land in the park off of Old Waterman Cyn Rd and 18. I got a brief low save there and headed for the spine East of the resort. I connected there and climbed from 2500 to 5K as I drifted toward McKinley. McKinley wasn’t working and I jumped to Harrison which also wasn’t working. I worked the ridgeline with the homes on it South of Highland Ave and East of 330. I will remember this for the future because the ridge and the plowed field behind it are major thermal sources. I landed inside of a ground level thermal which carried me and extra 100′ or so. I plunked down getting my bar and pod dirty but it was fun playing in the ground thermal. Unable to get a ride or driver quickly I finally caught an Uber back. I gave the driver a good tip since he went through a lot of dust from the off-road people. Drove back to the field behind the American Legion hall and grabbed my wing hidden behind the trees with the GPS tracker inside and running.

    2021-05-02 Marshall Harrison RX2-190 a


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