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Thank you all for the work you’ve done to get us these options!

I have a few questions:

1. Have the contractors stated they can traverse the dirt road with all their equipment to get to the building site? Such as a concrete short load truck, crane, etc?

2. Can we see the details of the contracts? I’m curious if the contractor is responsible for all permits, and if they misjudge that if they are liable for the cost overruns, not the club? And are they licensed, bonded, and insured? Note we actually need to verify if they are, not take their word for it, else we don’t get the legal protections as I understand.

3. Options 5 & 6 are interesting to me, but I can’t judge them without an installation and permit  estimate. But I acknowledge that would take extra time, and you’ve all put time into this already. I like these options, which is why I’m asking. I’m even somewhat ok with waiting, saving up more money, and building a large permanent structure that will have a decent total cost of ownership. We could rig up a temporary shade in the meantime. I hope to understand the installation details in order to consider these options. For example, is a full trench foundation indeed needed? Will earthquake codes require extra since the building is at the edge of a slope, next to a parking lot where people are, etc? Can the delivery truck handle the dirt road to get to the building site?

4. For options 5 & 6, has the model in the PDF file that is on page 11 been considered? Because I’m wondering if a full trench foundation can be skipped with that type of model and instead 6 deep holes bored. But can the equipment to bore it make it on site? Would the bores address any potential code concerns about earthquakes, etc?

5. While I like the idea of option #2’s observation deck, will it really be used that much? What does the extra height provide when there’s little obstruction to the views when on the ground? I see extra cost and liability, for a deck with no shade, which is why I’m curious about this option.

6. Option #3 sure looks beautiful, but does it provide enough shade for a crowd outside?

7. What is the expected lifespan of option #3’s fabric roof? I understand Jerome’s position on it, and I’m also concerned about total cost of ownership over the long term. I believe we should build something once that will last longer than all of us.

8. What are the advantages / disadvantages of deciding how we will pay for the new structure before deciding on what structure? Because it’s easy to choose something nice / expensive when the cost is to be covered by voluntary donations, whereas a mandatory assessment to all members would likely cause a different decision process I figure.

9. Has a loan been considered, combined with a mandatory assessment for all members? Interests rates are low (for traditional loans). I believe this approach could help us spread the cost over time, however I think a 10 year loan should be the maximum term.

These are all the things I could think of.

Again, thank you for the efforts made to get this project to this point. I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say I know it took some time, and for that I’m grateful!