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Answers to questions from anonymous above:

from Stan, and Jai Pal:

Stan:  No statements.

2. Their is nothing other than already shared.

3.  No permits are required.

4.  [Need JP to answer.]

5. No answer.

6. No answer.

7.  [Need JP to answer.]

8.  We are not required mandatory contributions.  We will build the chosen option once the funds have been amassed.  Feel free to do whatever fundraising you would like, but nothing mandatory will be imposed.

9. We will get a loan for this.  The structure will be built only when sufficient funds are amassed.  We cannot afford to pay interest, especially with out low membership rates.

Jai Pal
4. Full tied foundation pads and footings are required, and not included in the prices quoted. Piles will NOT be used due to additional Geotechnical requirements.

6. Options 3 & 4 provide 800 sq ft interior space and 2100 sq ft open covered exterior space. Currently (prior to roofs/shade flying away) there is container space of 120sq ft and approximately 400 sq ft of outdoor covered space.

7. Cost benefit analysis needed. Generally teflon coated canvas can last 25 years or more. See Haji Airport Saudi Arabia and Denver Airport.  Buy cheap and replace more often or buy expensive and replace less often.

PS. #5, Observation deck is designed and engineered for shade covering. A roof deck would afford views and additional space for pilots and the public hang out away from pilot areas below.  Code 42″ height railings go all around. Deck gives 1500 sq ft covered/shaded space at minimal cost. (36×90+20×75). 4,740 sq ft covered area for $90k =  $19 per square foot.

I like #3 and #4 – beauty, function, longevity

Regarding #1, turnkey complete, #5 & #6, each are steel kits installed on new foundations