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Jimmy Bagheslai
General Member

I welcome any concern in regards to Option-7, that’s how Option-7 came to be.
Early on Jai Pal kindly pointed out the huge estimated costs for the foundation and assembly, then the heat issues etc pp.
Option-7 tries to be the open and flexible design that does not follow one particular direction, but reason and need.
I do hope that we can make a final review at some point, before this all gets set in stone.
This design needs the support of as many people as possible, so again, I welcome any critique and idea. I try to take the time to reply to Option-7 as much as I can.

Tim, the wide opening is toward the East. That way any rain would fall behind the structure, watering the bushes there, saving the grass and pavement in the front from all the roof’s surface water.
When east winds, dirt or dust would be blown away “back” towards the parking lot.
And west winds would blow the dust over the high ceiling.
Also, early in the morning heat is no concern yet, but later in the noon/afternoon it really is, and that’s when we have the smaller opening exposed.
It’s true that a higher ceiling has an impact on where the shadow falls, but again, since most heat and fly traffic happens afteroon, we actually will have an elongated cast of shadow in the front from noon on.
Since most sit in the front, the dwindling shadow from the rear is not an issue either.
Hope that addresses your concerns.

Jeff, the rear (like all sides) of the structure will be open, so the wind passes through. The current container would probably make the most disturbances.
I went with Option-5 in regards of the size, didn’t want to stir up too much, but this *is* quite a large area.
But we could always downsize if Option-7 gets selected, I support that fully.
This is an open and very modular design, and can still be changed by a click of a mouse. In fact, when I asked for a higher pitch, Marcus kindly did it right then and sent me the drawings.

Also, the “openness” of this design/steel structures is a huge benefit in regards to Options 3 and 4, those would surely cause a strong and long range rotor.

Thanks, Jimmy