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Jimmy Bagheslai
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Yes, me and many I talked to would support a review of the options, though when I talked to Stan he firmly declined even a re-ballot.

Also, I understand that the elders believe what they had is good enough, but I think some extra shade would be great.
Here are the practical reasons:

After talking to people, including instructors, I believe the new structure should have some section or area for instructors so they can peacefully and without being in the way of others conduct their training.
We all know how weird it is to cross the path of an instrucor as he is explaining something on the board there.
An extra space would also allow for a better enviroment for clinics. The last time I personally experienced one at AJX was cramped in the corner of the small stairs. It was tight and many in the back could not recognize anything on the large monitors Dan had brought along.
So this would be one expansion.

I also believe that the shade structure should extend over to the BBQ area, we have seen several loved attemps which unfortunately were blown away.

So I would propose a structure that begins where the long stairs are, and ends to a bit behind the BBQ area.

I wouldn’t go as deep, but that is up for others.

We do need to go by the building code, I am sure we agree with Stan on that.
The structure must be engineered to withstand winds of 130mph and earthquake and all that stuff.

Structure Material
Thus far no wood based design was considered because nobody engineered such a wood structure.
We have friends who offered trees of wood, but when I asked a bulding engineer he said it is difficult to work with such wood, since there is nobody attesting that particular wood’s load forces and all that they need to calculate matters correctly.
Wood is also a constant thread of fire.
Wood is great and easy to work with, but it needs constant maintenance which can’t be relied on.

Steel is expensive initially but on long term it compesates for maintenance and repairs.

So for me, I agree that we hopefully get the board to reconsider the timeline and method it decided upon.
I think the initial offer(s) somehow forced all the following offers to keep up, without actually considering the basic needs and costs in first place.