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Did we ever get any other donations or is our fundraising stopped at ~$13,000? I remember that foundations and footings were estimated to cost $40,000 by Jai Pal when he was commenting on some of the other submissions. But now the project has begun with less than half that amount raised? The finalization of the voting process was supposed to trigger heaps of cash donations but so far not much. I guess now it’s “if you build it, they will come….”
We should have deadlines in place for fundraising, and if $$ in fails to meet the deadline, perhaps a more practical option could be a fallback. My fear is we wind up with a stalled project that basically cock blocks an actual shade solution. Thankfully we have a 20×20 piece of shade but when the Santa Ana’s blow again that will need a new cover. And if the guy who built that temporary shade is banned from the club, it might be tough to get him to sew another.
I’m also curious about who is actually going to BUILD this Taj Mahal. Do we have a builder? What are doors, windows, electric, and plumbing going to cost? Some of these items are lacking in the estimate.