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    The shade structure voting results are now in, and the winner is…  Option #3 with 25 votes. You may discuss the results in this thread.


    In case you were curious about the winning shade structure option (Option #3), here’s a rendering of what the future (hopefully) holds for the CSS:



    Wasn’t my top pick, but in a few years and looking back at this choice, will probably be happy to see a structure that makes the club look classy.

    I hear that a similar process happened at Kagel/Sylmar and most are now happy with getting something durable that also looks nice, which sends a message to the community that its members are well-invested in the activity.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Crestline Soaring .org new structure donateDiagram inv Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 11.23.03 AM


    Never mind.



    With such a nice shade structure planned, I wonder…

    1) Are we keeping the same container? If yes, after reading its historical info from Rob, will we refresh its support base which may be compromised?

    2) Once built, does the new shade structure allow for future removal/replacement of the container?

    Thanks and good flights.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    The container is being moved/removed. It can be done after the new foundations are installed or before. No conflicts either way.  An interior area 18′ x 45′ will replace it and will have a new slab as well. A floor plan will be posted to the forum.  Thank you.


    Impressive design.  Gotta be expensive though…  looks like a multi-million-dollar resort or something at the Getty Museum.

    Government grants might be available to help cover the cost, if someone can find a politically-correct funding angle to fit it into.  Maybe it could “help fight global warming”, promote forest management, fight covid, save the children, provide recreation for the university, promote “diversity”, etc.  Remember, hang-gliders and paragliders generate zero carbon emissions…

    Looked to me like the roof blew away due to inadequate anchoring of the posts of the previous structure.  Usually you have taller steel straps that reach higher from the concrete up the post, with room for two (2) through-bolts instead of just one, so the second bolt is higher than any rotten area of wood.  Like a rotten hang strap held on with one rivet.  Had anyone noticed, steel strap extensions could have been added to the existing through-bolts, to reach up higher on the post and another through-bolt added at a higher point of attachment.  Then the roof would not have blown away.  Any structure should be built to withstand 100 mph+ winds.  Especially in a high-wind location like the LZ.

    For a low-budget solution I’d say something similar to what was there could be rebuilt, and steel strap extensions bolted in (added) to the existing post bases to prevent the roof blowing away again.

    Also, a type of structure using two (2) shipping containers spaced apart, with roof trusses spanning the gap between them, could be another affordable solution.

    I would also note, as others have pointed out, some pilots have reported trouble landing due to turbulence generated by the shade structure, depending on wind direction.  Nice to have, but it does affect the wind blowing thru the LZ area.  Anything that makes landings less safe would not be consistent with the purpose of the LZ.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Columns, beams, roof decking. Why does it have to be expensive to look good? It doesnt. Its called good design.   Pretty basic design and engineered to take the wind.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Did we ever get any other donations or is our fundraising stopped at ~$13,000? I remember that foundations and footings were estimated to cost $40,000 by Jai Pal when he was commenting on some of the other submissions. But now the project has begun with less than half that amount raised? The finalization of the voting process was supposed to trigger heaps of cash donations but so far not much. I guess now it’s “if you build it, they will come….”
    We should have deadlines in place for fundraising, and if $$ in fails to meet the deadline, perhaps a more practical option could be a fallback. My fear is we wind up with a stalled project that basically cock blocks an actual shade solution. Thankfully we have a 20×20 piece of shade but when the Santa Ana’s blow again that will need a new cover. And if the guy who built that temporary shade is banned from the club, it might be tough to get him to sew another.
    I’m also curious about who is actually going to BUILD this Taj Mahal. Do we have a builder? What are doors, windows, electric, and plumbing going to cost? Some of these items are lacking in the estimate.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Linda, good day.  If are interested, the project is slowly coming together. We do have competent licensed tradesmen and women and Contractors who are volunteering their labor and expertise to build this project.  Dan Deweese, is licensed and will get it up and out of the ground, framing ready. Jim Borgman, is a licensed GC, who has volunteered his equipment and expertise to install framing and roof superstructure and covering. GoldenBridge and others who have volunteered are licensed C-10 electricians willing, able and competent to install the electrical service, and wiring and fixtures, as needed.  Eventually solar and renewables will supplement the power and hot water at AJX, while we stay tied to the Ranch for backup grid power. As you noted in your previous post, we do have talented individuals with expertise in many areas who would be willing to volunteer to help out.

    Looks like the money is slowly coming in. Maybe not a flood like you had imagined. It sure would be nice if you could get some FFF matching funding pre-approved and eventually through the process. Maybe you are good at it.  Oh well, maybe you plan to support your club in other constructive ways.

    In any case there is a fundraising effort going on, and we are getting results, in addition to now having enough labor to build the project properly.  *When a project is “phased” it means built in stages and sometimes “fast tracked” to get it done sooner, bypassing the normal delays and red tape. (*A little mansplaining for you.) We do have multipurpose building designed, and conservatively engineered, that can materialize as fast as funding and support allows.  Please be that support.

    Getting to it; Phase 1 is all the site work, foundations, concrete and steel superstructure, out of the ground. Phase 2 is temporary fabric shade, then permanent wood roof beams, T&G plank roof decking, and a waterproof roof covering. MEP’s – plumbing for bathrooms, electrical for needed devices, and rough HVAC. Phase 3 includes a secure enclosed space to replace the container, with roughed-in bathrooms, and utilities for what happens inside. Eventually environmental control and renewable energy will be added.

    The rest is up to us to figure out, as we need, like, want, and can support.

    Good luck with the “cock block” thing and I hope you have a complaint free, healthy, happy, positive and prosperous summer. As you like.  Best to you, and yours.




    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    “Slowly coming in”???? 😂

    I didn’t imagine anything. I was promised something else. All of us were. Can you not figure out how to submit the application for FFF  I filled out?  It’s not rocket science and all the scary work has been done for you. Good luck!

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Funny. Can YOU not figure out how to submit your application? Dont worry we can get along without you, and you can enjoy it when its done, along with others.  You were not “promised” anything. No guarantees, nobody promised you a rose garden, or anything else.  You make of it what you will, or not.  Its not luck.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    So professional. Glad we have your “expertise “.  Looking forward to results!
    PS already enjoying the shade that’s already there. In fact, I saw you enjoying too!.  Best to you and yours!

    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Wow, my worst nightmares seem to come true.

    The minutes are yet another eye opener.
    just please read the minutes of board’s June meeting

    Board Meeting: June 2021

    First they claimed that once a design is selected people would donate MONEY in troves.

    That didn’t happen, yet “The board was in favor of purchasing the steel columns immediately”
    Now they HOPE that people will donate once they start.
    In the end they will FORCE us to pay for all this.

    “Linda spoke with regard to a potential donation from Free Flight Foundation (FFF), which at most would donate 50% of what the club was able to raise”
    Stan told me FFF will match our donations 1:1, up to $20K.
    Now that’s only “at most” 50%?

    What is the contingency of this board if the troves won’t donate?
    Does this mean that we might end up in cemented walls and coloumns for a long long time (how long?)
    What will the cost of removing those be??

    “Several individuals were identified as potential donors”.
    Are they the same megadonors some were talking about?
    Why did they chose not to donate?

    How does the board dare to offload an unfinanced, unvetted building on a piece of land that doesn’t even belong to this club?


    Yes there are concerns: Funding amount and time, investing on land not owned by the club, construction time, possible downwind turbulence. But…

    Aside from donating, the next best thing we can do is be optimistic and supportive of those working on the project. It is great to have professionals donating their time, effort and equipment like Jai Pal Khalsa, Dan Deweese, Jim Borgman, GoldenBridge. Thank you!

    In the meantime, it is fun to see our dysfunctional “family” of pilots huddle together under a small shade area. :-)

    Question for Jai Pal… Looking at the concept drawing, there seems to be glass doors/walls. Will these be shatter-proof glass or plastic?

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