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Jai Pal Khalsa
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Linda, good day.  If are interested, the project is slowly coming together. We do have competent licensed tradesmen and women and Contractors who are volunteering their labor and expertise to build this project.  Dan Deweese, is licensed and will get it up and out of the ground, framing ready. Jim Borgman, is a licensed GC, who has volunteered his equipment and expertise to install framing and roof superstructure and covering. GoldenBridge and others who have volunteered are licensed C-10 electricians willing, able and competent to install the electrical service, and wiring and fixtures, as needed.  Eventually solar and renewables will supplement the power and hot water at AJX, while we stay tied to the Ranch for backup grid power. As you noted in your previous post, we do have talented individuals with expertise in many areas who would be willing to volunteer to help out.

Looks like the money is slowly coming in. Maybe not a flood like you had imagined. It sure would be nice if you could get some FFF matching funding pre-approved and eventually through the process. Maybe you are good at it.  Oh well, maybe you plan to support your club in other constructive ways.

In any case there is a fundraising effort going on, and we are getting results, in addition to now having enough labor to build the project properly.  *When a project is “phased” it means built in stages and sometimes “fast tracked” to get it done sooner, bypassing the normal delays and red tape. (*A little mansplaining for you.) We do have multipurpose building designed, and conservatively engineered, that can materialize as fast as funding and support allows.  Please be that support.

Getting to it; Phase 1 is all the site work, foundations, concrete and steel superstructure, out of the ground. Phase 2 is temporary fabric shade, then permanent wood roof beams, T&G plank roof decking, and a waterproof roof covering. MEP’s – plumbing for bathrooms, electrical for needed devices, and rough HVAC. Phase 3 includes a secure enclosed space to replace the container, with roughed-in bathrooms, and utilities for what happens inside. Eventually environmental control and renewable energy will be added.

The rest is up to us to figure out, as we need, like, want, and can support.

Good luck with the “cock block” thing and I hope you have a complaint free, healthy, happy, positive and prosperous summer. As you like.  Best to you, and yours.