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Jimmy Bagheslai
General Member

Wow, my worst nightmares seem to come true.

The minutes are yet another eye opener.
just please read the minutes of board’s June meeting

Board Meeting: June 2021

First they claimed that once a design is selected people would donate MONEY in troves.

That didn’t happen, yet “The board was in favor of purchasing the steel columns immediately”
Now they HOPE that people will donate once they start.
In the end they will FORCE us to pay for all this.

“Linda spoke with regard to a potential donation from Free Flight Foundation (FFF), which at most would donate 50% of what the club was able to raise”
Stan told me FFF will match our donations 1:1, up to $20K.
Now that’s only “at most” 50%?

What is the contingency of this board if the troves won’t donate?
Does this mean that we might end up in cemented walls and coloumns for a long long time (how long?)
What will the cost of removing those be??

“Several individuals were identified as potential donors”.
Are they the same megadonors some were talking about?
Why did they chose not to donate?

How does the board dare to offload an unfinanced, unvetted building on a piece of land that doesn’t even belong to this club?