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I enjoyed the sunrise at Marshall this morning and got to see how crazy the winds can get up there.  The forest service guy I talked to when I left (Scott Adams, I believe his name was.) couldn’t stop talking about how cool he thought the railroad ties were and how “rustic” it made the launch look.


I’ll probably start ripping up there every month or every other month to do a quick clean up.  It felt good.  If anyone wants to join me I can give you my number and we can make it a somewhat of a group thing.


My favorite part was a woman walking her dogs up the trail this morning, I made quick small talk with her and she continued on.  She was 20 feet past me and turned around and said, “wait, you’re picking UP trash?”  She seemed so used to seeing others dumping out there that the big surprise was the fact I was putting it in my trailer and not throwing it out.