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    The Recreation Office of the Front Country Ranger District is hosting a Clean Up Event on Saturday, February 26th, 2022 from 9:00AM to 1:00PM at the junction of HWY 18 and Forest Road 2N40 (Cloudland Truck Trail). They encourage anyone who’d like to volunteer to come out and help with their efforts.

    UPDATE: Sandy Noyes is volunteering her services to take all volunteers up to the 2N40 for free, PLUS you get a free ride up the hill the next time you want to fly! The Sandy Van will leave the AJX parking lot at 8:15AM, so plan to be there around 8:00AM. If some of you arrive later and still want to volunteer, Sandy will come back down and pick you up.


    If you plan on helping out on the 26th, please sign up for the Sandy Van shuttle here: https://www.supersaas.com/schedule/flytandem/twovans


    A huge THANK YOU going out to Robby Geil! You’re a star! 🤩 He drove out to the Marshall road with his trailer early this morning (since he had other obligations later in the day) and picked up whatever would fit inside. 😍🙏


    Tim Ward
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    I brought Gracie up.  The USFS seemed pretty pleased with how much work she could do.

    They had  a big dumpster parked in the turnout.

    Apparently their original plan was for people to load up pickup beds by hand, and then unload into the dumpster by hand.  That would have taken a lot longer.

    They really could have used two dumpsters, because we filled that one fairly quickly, and there was still stuff left over.



    Sandy says:

    ”I want to thank everyone who came out to help clean up the Marshall Rd Thank you so much Tim Ward for driving Gracie , Thank you Dale Noyes, Ladislau Milner , Sandy Noyes, Gary Anderson, Dan DeWeese , Jamie Shelden , Reacis Sutphin-Gray , Frank Havermeyer , Linda Salamone and all the other volunteers who came out and Thank you Dusty and Marcelo for fixing the road on Marshall.”



    I enjoyed the sunrise at Marshall this morning and got to see how crazy the winds can get up there.  The forest service guy I talked to when I left (Scott Adams, I believe his name was.) couldn’t stop talking about how cool he thought the railroad ties were and how “rustic” it made the launch look.


    I’ll probably start ripping up there every month or every other month to do a quick clean up.  It felt good.  If anyone wants to join me I can give you my number and we can make it a somewhat of a group thing.


    My favorite part was a woman walking her dogs up the trail this morning, I made quick small talk with her and she continued on.  She was 20 feet past me and turned around and said, “wait, you’re picking UP trash?”  She seemed so used to seeing others dumping out there that the big surprise was the fact I was putting it in my trailer and not throwing it out.



    Jonathan Dietch
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    Y’all are awesome!


    Thanks again, Robby! And everyone else as well! Feel free to post on these forums if you want to set up a clean up day with others, or ask the CSS board to create the event. Going up the Marshall road last weekend without seeing all the trash was amazing. 🤘🏻😎

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