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Ken Howells
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My deep condolences to Paul Garnet’s wife and son, family and loved ones. He had an amazing combination of big-heartedness, can-do spirit, and goal-oriented focus. Such a loss, ‘Gone too soon’ doesn’t even begin to express it.

I was a new pilot when Paul came along and I was immediately struck by his cool confidence and lack of arrogance. He even tolerated Rob & Di calling him ‘Little Paul’ with aplomb. I recall vividly both of us ridge soaring Crestline, I with my blue Lite Dream 185 and he with his brown Raven 149, back and forth, seeing who could get higher. I knew this kid was going places, and go places he did!

He said he was going to be a paramedic and before we knew it he was crewing an ambulance out of Riverside, easing people’s suffering and no doubt saving lives. Then he was off to Alasaka to do that and more, contending with conditions far more challenging than mild SoCal. He married his lovely wife and raised their son like his own, built a home from the ground up. Took what he learned building his house and got into construction services. Along the way he learned to paraglide, flew trikes, flew bush planes and made part of his living doing those things, even teaching a few people to fly flex wings and providing them with gliders through his Wills Wing dealership.

If anyone ever took ‘High Adventure’ to heart, it was Paul.
Paul Garnet LIVED.