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Jerome Daoust
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Yes Jana, sharing here for a wider audience to review, is the best path to unbiased answers. I plan to be at the meeting, but not expecting important matters to be resolved in a short amount of time. Now some fact checking…

Marcello wrote (ref)…

Zack majors that could not teach here under the RRRG program. And Dusty Rodes that only does tandems and don’t teach primary students, or Luke weaver that only teaches his best friends to share the passion of the sport, and Chris Tillier that brings family and friends from work to have a fun weekend with them. I hope I answered your questions and concerns and I’m glad that you are helping other members understand what the board of CSS is working for.

The above is not true. This is what I found (source)…

Any instructor can teach and add any Site that they would like to teach at as a PASA or RRRG direct School (Assuming that the Site Landowner/ Agency allows commercial instruction at the Site and requirements are met). They just need to add that Site to their Lesson Plan with Risk Management for the Site. There are several PASA or RRRG direct Schools teaching at CSS Site Locations.

The RRRG was not preventing Zac or any instructors from training at CSS. Zac failed to report student days and did not renew his PASA / RRRG insurance paperwork. Many reached out to Zac to do his paperwork for him, but he refused help.

Dusty did not renew PASA nor RRRG insurance.
Other instruction can also happen at Sites, however, the instruction in most cases would not be covered by USHPA / RRRG insurance unless those providing the instruction maintained that coverage for themselves, the Chapter, and Landowners.

If Luke and Chris had maintained noncommercial status, and a Rogallo level membership, then their instruction could be covered under his USHPA Rogallo level membership. (However, the Students or tandem students would need to all be USHPA members (full or Temp 30 day).