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    Marcello DeBarros
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    CSS Instructor

    I’m so glad all your questions will be answered tomorrow at the meeting. Make sure you bring them all. We will do everything to make you understand but if not you can stay with USHPA and use the lovely RRRG Insurance. That will give you all the protection you will ever need, but some people don’t need it or want to have it. 😜


    Some of us will not be able to attend the meeting, therefore it would be nice to discuss it in here as well. Some of our members are out of State.

    It’s good to be able to read the replies back on this forum and gain a better understanding, vs. getting a couple of minutes to speak and try to figure out what was said in reply.

    Since a 30 day notice for the meeting was not given, some of us have made plans prior to the scheduled meeting.


    Yes Jana, sharing here for a wider audience to review, is the best path to unbiased answers. I plan to be at the meeting, but not expecting important matters to be resolved in a short amount of time. Now some fact checking…

    Marcello wrote (ref)…

    Zack majors that could not teach here under the RRRG program. And Dusty Rodes that only does tandems and don’t teach primary students, or Luke weaver that only teaches his best friends to share the passion of the sport, and Chris Tillier that brings family and friends from work to have a fun weekend with them. I hope I answered your questions and concerns and I’m glad that you are helping other members understand what the board of CSS is working for.

    The above is not true. This is what I found (source)…

    Any instructor can teach and add any Site that they would like to teach at as a PASA or RRRG direct School (Assuming that the Site Landowner/ Agency allows commercial instruction at the Site and requirements are met). They just need to add that Site to their Lesson Plan with Risk Management for the Site. There are several PASA or RRRG direct Schools teaching at CSS Site Locations.

    The RRRG was not preventing Zac or any instructors from training at CSS. Zac failed to report student days and did not renew his PASA / RRRG insurance paperwork. Many reached out to Zac to do his paperwork for him, but he refused help.

    Dusty did not renew PASA nor RRRG insurance.
    Other instruction can also happen at Sites, however, the instruction in most cases would not be covered by USHPA / RRRG insurance unless those providing the instruction maintained that coverage for themselves, the Chapter, and Landowners.

    If Luke and Chris had maintained noncommercial status, and a Rogallo level membership, then their instruction could be covered under his USHPA Rogallo level membership. (However, the Students or tandem students would need to all be USHPA members (full or Temp 30 day).


    Stan wrote (ref)…

    The Board has not been planning or considering getting out of USHPA, changing the rating system, or obtaining another rating provider.  Each and every one of these decisions would have to be made beforehand by a vote of the entire club membership.

    The above is not true. This is what I found (source)…

    Not true in that the CSS Board chose to drop being a USHPA Chapter by canceling their Conditional Chapter renewal in 2021 (more info at the end of this posting). Chapter’s need to maintain sufficient Risk Management and not operate as a commercial entity for their activities to remain as a Recreational Chapter. Chapters always have an option to convert part or all an operation to a Commercial Flight Park if that is the path that they would like to pursue.

    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Jerome. Now I know why you were a failure as an instructor. The left side of your brain fails to read in between the lines.
    When I mentioned the instructors that could teach here it was for various reasons. For example Zack, he could not pay to add the dozens of sites he teaches at all over the US and foreign countries, so he could not do it.
    Luke Weaver, only has a very small group of friends that he kindly devoted his time to teach them and he could not afford the expensive and rigorous approvals of the RRRG insurance. Even when he mentioned that he was not charging them, people accused him of lying and he abandoned the whole scene because of guys like you! You’re a monster!!!

    Chris Tillier, also was accused by Jordan to be doing tandems for money under the table. As if Chris (a very successful man in his career) would have to go through this to make a miserable couple of hundred dollars. Again you are a blind idiot.  And finally Dusty Rhodes, who has a small amount of tandems to be done and a very low profit after all the absurd fees to be paid to USHPA and RRRG…he does it anyway because this is far from being his bread and butter. It is more about sharing a passion than actually making money.
    Now YOU!!! A fucking low life with nothing to do in the middle of the night but to devote your time to attack people online in the very most cowardly way. People like me and Stan are volunteering our time to a fucking club that does not appreciate any of the hard work we do. If you think you can do a better job as the president of the club put your name in and come and do this job and wait for cowards like yourself to start attacking you. Like I said you’re a monster and your fucking mouth made me loose my SWING sponsorship in 1997 and now all these years later you are still the same low life failure as a pilot that no one respects.
    I guess you forgot that I know all your dirt and lies. I will stop here but I can expose all I know of you. JUST STOP ATTACKING PEOPLE.  Obviously, you don’t know what you’re talking about. What an idiot!!


    When challenged, you feel “attacked”.
    Bullying (insults, defamation) may work on an insecure teenager, mostly ineffective with adults, more of a reflection of one’s character. Doing it under public view makes your stock go down.
    Forums (or meetings) are places to exchange viewpoints and some will be in opposition.
    As a board member, expect challenges, while held to a higher behavior standard.
    Hoping for only “feel good” feedback is unrealistic, take pride in doing your best and don’t “burn out”.

    All good on my side
    I am a night owl by nature, expect me to be online at any hour, situation normal.
    I am proud of helping people to fly and collected testimonials.
    I am at a sweet spot in my life, and wish you also get to experience these simultaneously: Financially comfortable, lots of free time, healthy.

    About Zac, Dusty, Luke and Chris: All fine people. I passed on the info I received. Of course, everyone wants to share their passion and minimize burdens. Best to also list yourself as benefiting from avoiding RRRG/PASA school insurance.
    Lost Swing sponsorship: Blaming others sounds like a comforting rationalization.

    You are wrong to think your CSS efforts are not well appreciated. I appreciate your: Site maintenance, shade structure work.
    Beyond the CSS site, there are many ways to help the flying community:
    – Help other local flying sites (join me at Soboba one of these days).
    – Participate and provide guidance on an international forum.
    – Publish equipment reviews.
    – Share knowledge on a website, podcast, video channel.
    – Help a national association.
    When donating (time, effort, money) it is not a competition, do what fits you best.

    See you at the meeting Marcello.

    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    I’m human and I would be lying if your unprofessional comments and public attacks would not upset anyone. If your goal is to get a rise out of people volunteering their time to the club, then keep it to yourself or volunteer and try doing a better job which I don’t believe you’re capable of.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Holy fucking shit. I hope to see some consistency in banning members (and out of control “board members” – and I use that phrase LOOSELY) for attacking members in this forum.


    The information I “found” (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3) was supplied by professionals in their field, who know more than I do. They understandably chose not to participate in this forum.
    By sharing here, their counterpoints bring more value, than my exposure to “shoot the messenger” reactions.


    The name-calling and direct insults are very unbecoming and uncalled for. No matter how much you disagree with somebody, there is always a better way to deal with the situation, especially as one of our club representatives. 😧🫣😵‍💫

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    The name-calling and direct insults are very unbecoming and uncalled for. No matter how much you disagree with somebody, there is always a better way to deal with the situation, especially as one of our club representatives.

    It is possible that one party to the conversation may have been sick with COVID-19 for the second time in under a year and their normally civil and relaxed manners were temporarily absent. Just something to consider. I have had enough people explode at me and make false accusations right to my face that I have tried to learn to step back and look for the underlying message and ignore the mode of delivery at least for the time it takes to determine what they may be concerned about. Once I have acknowledged that I heard their true concern they usually stop the overt attack.

    Just a few things to consider. Thanks.

    Stan Barankiewicz
    General Member

    Jerome, what I said is absolutely correct.  The CSS Board did not choose to drop USHPA Chaptership ever.  The only thing the CSS Board did was to change insurance providers.   If CSS is no longer a USHPA Chapter, that was solely USHPA’s sole doing.

    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    CSS is still listed as a USPHA Chapter on the USPHA site.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Alan – I thought that at first too, but it’s a bit confusing/unclear on the USHPA site: we’re still on the map at the top of the page, but we’re no longer in the listing (if you search by California, we’re not there):

    USHPA Chapters

    I think that means we’re not a chapter anymore. If anyone has something that shows definitively if we are or aren’t, I think it would be helpful to post it here.


    Thanks for confirming (ref) your position Stan. I like what you told me on Saturday, it went something like: “On any issue, both sides debate by presenting arguments, and then there is the truth.“. At this point, both sides presented some arguments, maybe others have new info to add, and it can take its own course.

    I do appreciate the time and energy you are putting into the club. I also like how we can debate, yet still enjoy flying and spending time together.

    Thanks also to Alan and David doing investigative work, on whether or not the CSS is currently an USHPA Chapter. The detailed info I was provided (ref) makes me believe we are not, while websites may need updating.

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