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Jerome Daoust
General Member

When challenged, you feel “attacked”.
Bullying (insults, defamation) may work on an insecure teenager, mostly ineffective with adults, more of a reflection of one’s character. Doing it under public view makes your stock go down.
Forums (or meetings) are places to exchange viewpoints and some will be in opposition.
As a board member, expect challenges, while held to a higher behavior standard.
Hoping for only “feel good” feedback is unrealistic, take pride in doing your best and don’t “burn out”.

All good on my side
I am a night owl by nature, expect me to be online at any hour, situation normal.
I am proud of helping people to fly and collected testimonials.
I am at a sweet spot in my life, and wish you also get to experience these simultaneously: Financially comfortable, lots of free time, healthy.

About Zac, Dusty, Luke and Chris: All fine people. I passed on the info I received. Of course, everyone wants to share their passion and minimize burdens. Best to also list yourself as benefiting from avoiding RRRG/PASA school insurance.
Lost Swing sponsorship: Blaming others sounds like a comforting rationalization.

You are wrong to think your CSS efforts are not well appreciated. I appreciate your: Site maintenance, shade structure work.
Beyond the CSS site, there are many ways to help the flying community:
– Help other local flying sites (join me at Soboba one of these days).
– Participate and provide guidance on an international forum.
– Publish equipment reviews.
– Share knowledge on a website, podcast, video channel.
– Help a national association.
When donating (time, effort, money) it is not a competition, do what fits you best.

See you at the meeting Marcello.