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It is possible that one party to the conversation may have been sick with COVID-19 for the second time in under a year and their normally civil and relaxed manners were temporarily absent. Just something to consider. I have had enough people explode at me and make false accusations right to my face that I have tried to learn to step back and look for the underlying message and ignore the mode of delivery at least for the time it takes to determine what they may be concerned about. Once I have acknowledged that I heard their true concern they usually stop the overt attack.

Just a few things to consider. Thanks.

I appreciate your interesting angle on this outburst, though I’m not sure it had anything to do with Covid.

I know we’re all different and handle discomfort in various ways, but I can say with confidence that at no point did I feel the need to insult anyone during my four-day kidney stone experience, which I hear is one of the worst kinds of pain one can go through. My mom had her spine shattered by a tumor last month, prior to that she was enduring the worst pain one could imagine for three to four months, very little sleep, she is just now re-learning to use her limbs, and she hasn’t insulted anyone during the process thus far. Stephen occasionally experiences extreme back pain and partial paralysis from his old back injury, but somehow he keeps it together. Maybe we’re special! I don’t know. 😂

If someone is unable to handle Covid without lashing out, perhaps staying away from the internet for the duration of the illness is in order? I suppose if you are right, one could always apologize for the Covid-induced outburst. 🤷‍♀️