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    David Webb
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    I thought it would be more clear-cut to just ask USHPA about the club’s current chapter status. They replied back promptly to my question:

    CSS did not renew their chapter status on the last cycle. Depending on the direction the chapter pursues moving forward, we would be willing to consider their chapter renewal if they applied.

    Jana Pivkova
    General Member

    It is possible that one party to the conversation may have been sick with COVID-19 for the second time in under a year and their normally civil and relaxed manners were temporarily absent. Just something to consider. I have had enough people explode at me and make false accusations right to my face that I have tried to learn to step back and look for the underlying message and ignore the mode of delivery at least for the time it takes to determine what they may be concerned about. Once I have acknowledged that I heard their true concern they usually stop the overt attack.

    Just a few things to consider. Thanks.

    I appreciate your interesting angle on this outburst, though I’m not sure it had anything to do with Covid.

    I know we’re all different and handle discomfort in various ways, but I can say with confidence that at no point did I feel the need to insult anyone during my four-day kidney stone experience, which I hear is one of the worst kinds of pain one can go through. My mom had her spine shattered by a tumor last month, prior to that she was enduring the worst pain one could imagine for three to four months, very little sleep, she is just now re-learning to use her limbs, and she hasn’t insulted anyone during the process thus far. Stephen occasionally experiences extreme back pain and partial paralysis from his old back injury, but somehow he keeps it together. Maybe we’re special! I don’t know. 😂

    If someone is unable to handle Covid without lashing out, perhaps staying away from the internet for the duration of the illness is in order? I suppose if you are right, one could always apologize for the Covid-induced outburst. 🤷‍♀️


    Regarding being a Chapter of  USHPA or not, David, who was the human you spoke with to get the information you posted? CSS paid its Chapter dues of $735 as usual in March 2020 and again in March 2021. However in 2021 CSS , in agreement with  USHPA, dropped RRRG insurance and replaced it with a CGL insurance policy meeting landowner’s requirements in accordance with the CSS lease and Use permit. CSS never stopped being a Chapter and was paid in full through renewal in 2022. USHPA did not send CSS a renewal invoice or communication of any kind regarding 2022-2023 dues. CSS asked USHPA for the dues renewal invoice for 2022-2023 this week. There has been no response yet from Galen or anyone else at USHPA HQ.
    PS – as of fall 2021 the refund promised to CSS for the Insurance portion of the CSS Chapter dues has not been received or can not be verified by our accounting department/Treasurer.
    I am in agreement with Stan, CSS paid its dues through 2022 and never cancelled being a Chapter of USHPA, nor did USHPA ever issue any notice of cancellation or change of status to CSS. Apparently we were still listed, according to Alan Crouse, as a USHPA Chapter on their website as of his post.

    David Webb
    General Member

    I emailed the USHPA executive director asking for clarification on our chapter status, since there seems to be uncertainty about it (don’t shoot the messenger / question-asker). I assumed he would know USHPA’s position on our chapter status, but I’m not in the loop on what the club has done from an administrative standpoint to re-up, do insurance, etc.

    On USHPA’s site, we are still in the map of chapters (at the top of the page on the chapter listing), but we don’t come up in the search if you search for a chapter (I searched by state, and we’re not there). Confusing / unclear there.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    From Jai Pal “However in 2021 CSS , in agreement with  USHPA, dropped RRRG insurance and replaced it with a CGL insurance policy meeting landowner’s requirements in accordance with the CSS lease and Use permit. ”

    It could be entirely possible that, as a policy, USHPA will drop any chapter that does not meet their RRRG insurance requirements and whomever at USHPA approved the change in coverage did not pass our exception on to someone else?

    Should the person who had this insurance conversation with USHPA check on that?

    I don’t personally see a downside to maintaining our Chapter status.  Unless someone can enlighten me….



    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Related: Major Decision being considered by CSS.

    And a Solution to minimize rumors/concerns: Copied here for convenience:

    I encourage the board to continue sharing their planning and options considered (about any topic) on this forum, and resume posting minutes of all meetings (board and general). Otherwise a portion of the membership will attend meetings but afterwards: Every time info is repeated it gets further from the original, amplifies concerns, feeds rumors. By sharing planning, members will appreciate more the work going on “behind the scenes” and identify areas where they can help. Win-Win on both sides (CSS board and members).

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