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Jerome Daoust
General Member

Quote from USHPA website:

Chapters are member-controlled organizations approved by the USHPA. They are autonomous, self-governing, financially independent groups of flying enthusiasts, affiliated with the USHPA, who want to share their flying experiences with others.

Update: There is a one-way relationship… A club needs to be a Chapter to get USHPA insurance (for landowners). But a club doesn’t need USHPA insurance to be a Chapter.

Main topic here is: What are the implications of using the current site insurance, compared to one provided by USHPA?

I believe the name of the current site insurance provider was stated by Stan at the end of the 2022/7/16 board meeting. Can the current site insurance policy be posted here for review? It could be an added document under this club website. At the least, it could be good for falling asleep.