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Jai Pal Khalsa
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Regarding being a Chapter of  USHPA or not, David, who was the human you spoke with to get the information you posted? CSS paid its Chapter dues of $735 as usual in March 2020 and again in March 2021. However in 2021 CSS , in agreement with  USHPA, dropped RRRG insurance and replaced it with a CGL insurance policy meeting landowner’s requirements in accordance with the CSS lease and Use permit. CSS never stopped being a Chapter and was paid in full through renewal in 2022. USHPA did not send CSS a renewal invoice or communication of any kind regarding 2022-2023 dues. CSS asked USHPA for the dues renewal invoice for 2022-2023 this week. There has been no response yet from Galen or anyone else at USHPA HQ.
PS – as of fall 2021 the refund promised to CSS for the Insurance portion of the CSS Chapter dues has not been received or can not be verified by our accounting department/Treasurer.
I am in agreement with Stan, CSS paid its dues through 2022 and never cancelled being a Chapter of USHPA, nor did USHPA ever issue any notice of cancellation or change of status to CSS. Apparently we were still listed, according to Alan Crouse, as a USHPA Chapter on their website as of his post.