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Bille Floyd
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Linda said :

“Camping fees were discussed and the board said $15/night, $75/week for absolutely NOTHING but port-a-potties. The membership suggested that cost was ridiculous and

the board did comparisons with full hookup RV/camping park with amenities and said it was a bargain to just park for less than $40 a night. …”




Somebody is full of $H!T !!!

Google search , camping fees for disabled Veterans in California state parks :

“The State of California offers special benefits for its military service members and veterans, including the Distinguished Veteran Pass, a no-fee lifetime pass that entitles users to the use of all basic facilities – including day use, boating and camping – in California state parks at no charge.”

And that comes with showers , and cooking grills !!

It is the reason I joined CSS ; so I can use the port-a-potties, running water, and grills, along with landing my glider on the CSS rented property.

BTW : I am a Disabled Vet