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Jerome Daoust
General Member

This posting on July 5 2022 clearly states a desire to accept AUA ratings: “We’re trying to add to the bylaws of the club to accept other forms of rating system such as USHPA, IPPI, FAI and AUA“.

This is difficult to reconcile with Stan’s statement, 11 days later during the July 16 2022 board meeting: “There is no current plan to accept AUA ratings“.

Maybe there is a disconnect between board members and hopefully the confusion will be resolved at the upcoming (Sept 17, 2022) board meeting, which has on its agenda: “By-laws review for updates at the next general membership meeting“. We will then see if the proposed updates mention the acceptance of AUA ratings (or anything else than USHPA, IPPI).

Extra info: In the club bylaws, I find no place that restricts the rating providers (to be from USHPA). The only thing close is “Section 2. Qualifications”, but that relates to liability insurance, not ratings. The site guidelines do state rating requirements and provenance.