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    In case you are a club member and did not receive the Email, or planning to soon become a member, here is the agenda for the upcoming board meeting. Members can attend the meeting and ask questions.



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    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Minutes from CSS Board Meeting on Saturday, July 16th, 2022

    President Barankiewicz called the meeting to order at 11:02am

    Old Business: President asked for approval of previous board meeting minutes. It was motioned and 2nd. Motion passed.

    New Business

    Review of Financial Report by Treasurer Bether : income is normal; expenses are normal; money for the structure has only been from donations – no member dues have been used in paying for the structure

    CSS member asked about camping fees going to pay for the shade structure – board member stated that no camping fees have gone to the shade structure

    CSS member asked about shower concerns


    President Barankiewicz started the discussion regarding camping at the LZ

    CSS member asked what people get for paying $15 per night

    CSS member asked about the Cross Country Ranch shower – President explained that the shower is not part of CSS and that needs to be discussed with the owners

    Motion was made to vote for $15/day

    Board voted on $15/day rate

    Motion was made for separate rate of $75/week; 2nd by Safety Director Dewese

    CSS member asked about a monitor for the camping

    The duration/length of stay was brought up – Tim suggested 2 weeks on and 1 week off per person

    CSS member asked about students being able to camp longer than 3 weeks for lessons

    CSS member asked about the impact of different lengths of stay – one concern being that people may take advantage of being able to stay and camp

    Vice President Khalsa explained about the spacing in the parking lot and that it could potentially accommodate 20-40 trailers depending on the size

    CSS member brought up concern about people camping and going under the radar

    Communications Director Quick suggested 21 days out of 28 days camping arrangement

    Board voted and agreed to the 21/28 days camping.

    President Barankiewicz stated that the dream is to have an app for CSS for people to be able to pay membership dues, camping dues, etc all in one place

    Next topic: shade structure

    Vice President Khalsa spoke on this and explained what has already been done. He spoke about the next steps in regards to lighting, internet, wiring and plans to conceal all those wires while keeping the structure looking pleasant and professional. He also spoke about the idea of expanding the concrete slab in order to enclose the shade structure and creating a dining area, kitchen space, etc. He explained that he wants to put sheet metal around the structure for weather proofing and also talked about putting back up the simulators for paragliders and hang gliders.

    President Barankiewicz took a moment to thank everyone that was involved in getting the shade structure built.

    President Barankiewicz explained that the board is having someone work on the website issues and exploring the idea of creating an app

    Next topic: Price of dues

    President Barankiewicz brought up the need to increase the membership dues from $100 to $125 per year. It was motioned and 2nd. Motion passed.

    Motion was made about a $30/month rate. CSS members and the board discussed what other sites are charging. The question came up of whether to keep the $10/day or change to $30/month. Motion was made and 2nd. Motion passed.

    Other business:

    CSS Member asked about adding an additional port-a-potty

    CSS member asked about the $19/month charge that appears on the financial statement. President Barankiewicz explained that Vice President Khalsa has been paying the CSS monthly insurance out of his own pocket since the board got the insurance. It was only recently that the charge was passed over the CSS and that is why it just now showing up on the financial report.

    CSS member asked about a site monitor. President Barankiewicz stated that the position is voluntary. CSS member asked about being compensated days of camping to be the monitor and Treasurer Betherstated that this is not a good road to go down with compensation being off the books.

    President Barankiewicz made it clear that the bylaws of CSS cannot be changed without a vote by the members and it is not a board decision to make changes to the bylaws.

    CSS member asked about whether or not AUA or any other rating system was going to be added. President Barankiewicz explained that it was nothing like that was happening at this time.

    CSS member asked about all of the dirt that is being dumped around the property and if we are paying for it or if the club is getting paid for it – President Barankiewicz and Vice President Khalsa explained that CSS is neither paying for it nor are we getting paid to take it. President Barankiewicz also noted that the board got permission from the Department of Water to have this done and they were very impressed with the changes being made.

    CSS member asked about the grass. Tim stated that he is waiting for the additional concrete to be poured so that he would not have to redo the piping for the sprinkler system multiple times

    CSS member asked about using astroturf on the LZ. Tim explained that it was donated and its intended use is for the launch. He stated that we would need to ask the donor if they were ok with it being repurposed.

    Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    July 9? 🤦‍♀️

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    A Big favor please :

    I can not make the Sept 17 Board Meeting , and i would appreciate is someone could bring up a point that does affect everyone :

    HG pilots that land just short of tied down gliders near the shade-structure, for no other reason than they don’t want to walk across the PG landing aria, after they land. I actually Lost a very nice flying Atos, because some lazy A$$ didn’t want to walk his glider back from the HG landing aria . Yea — he crashed into my Atos because he didn’t have the cognitive resources to determine that his abilities were not up to par, to attempt such a landing. This affects ALL pilots , (both HG and PG) and it is just down-right dangerous !!!


    Thanks : Bille Floyd

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