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The topic was brought up during the last board meeting. The club endorses the “for active packing only” policy for this zone, discouraging glider parking (HG or PG).

The root of the problem may be that a pilot feels validated to park their gear if there is no immediate need for others to use their space for packing. The combination of shade and a clean surface is inviting for parking gear. They become a trend setter showing “it is OK to park here”. Conflict happens when the space is needed.

I suggested posting a sign that one can point to (instead of arguing), reminding offenders the purpose of the area.

If the situation persists, a different approach may be to relocate the packing area to a less parking-friendly location: To the South of the clubhouse, half-way to the kiting area. Being more often in the sun, pilots would be less motivated to park their gear. Less dog traffic too.

Also, thanks goes out to Gene, who is providing the artificial turf.