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    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    If you have not been at the LZ during the last week, you probably have not seen the paraglider packing area, immediately West of the cement pad and shade structure. It is made with a layer of artificial grass (Astroturf) and gets some shade starting mid-afternoon. It was discussed during the last board meeting, but is now done and very useful until the LZ has grass again. Maybe it will remain, since this is a high traffic area.

    Do we need a short (can step over) white picket fence around it to keep the dogs out? Half joking, it could add value.

    Thanks to those who worked on this, seems like a good value project VS effort and expense.

    Note: One can use a leaf blower to clear the extra dust/dirt that accumulates. But some distributed dirt helps weigh down the surface.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Second on the kudos – I’m a big fan and enjoyed my packing sessions yesterday (minus the zipper trouble).

    The picket fence idea couldn’t hurt – saw a bomb dropped on it yesterday while I was packing up. Since it’s solely used for packing away gear cleanly, the risk of code browns kind of defeats the purpose.

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