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Alan Crouse
General Member

Here are some concrete suggestions:

– Turn off the ability to reply to a specific post.  This seems kind of cool, but for the occasional reader it makes finding new posts almost impossible as they can occur anywhere in the string of posts.  Indeed, it is easy to miss new posts if there are some in the middle of the list (indented) and other new posts at the bottom of the list.

– Have the “latest update” reflect the most recent post, not the newest topic.  Right now the forum shows the blue bar to indicate that there is unread content, but the referenced poster name and time is that of the newest topic, not the newest post.

I’ll admit up front I have no idea of whether this new website software would allow these changes, or how difficult and time consuming they might be.  But as a regular reader of multiple, similar forums, these would seem to address much of the difficulty in keeping up with forum content.

Thank you for tackling a generally thankless task. The Crestline forum has always been an important part of our community and is probably even more so in the current situation.