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Done (easy) but I have 4 questions…

1) Did I screw up by paying too early? I had an existing membership expiring at end of May this year. By paying now, my account now shows that my next payment is May 2, 2021. Should it not be due instead on May 31, 2021, so I  am adding a full year from my previous expiration?

2) Will I be billed automatically next year? I prefer avoiding auto-pay methods.

3) I am unclear about the “general membership sign-up fee”. It seems like the purpose of the “first-time sign-up fee” is to be a fee just applicable once, to the very first time we sign up (not following renewals), and that we can use this $25 discount coupon to avoid it now (which I did). My current payment was “only” $100. But when renewing in about a year from now, will I pay $100 or $125?

4) Since my membership payment has completed, can I delete my credit card on record under “Payment Methods” in my account?

Thank you for making this a streamlined process, looks professional (like other online stores).