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    David Webb
    General Member

    For those that may have missed the email blast, just a few points about membership and storage renewals this year, since they and the member directory are now fully electronic. New members who already paid for their memberships on the website this year – feel free to ignore this (we’re good!).

    Since most/all of you are current members that just need to renew, we have a few coupon codes for you to use when you pay for your renewals that will remove the first-time sign-up fees. You can enter them in your cart or during checkout (and you can enter multiple if more than one applies to you). Those coupon codes are as follows:

    (waives the general membership sign-up fee)

    (waives the storage sign-up fee)

    These coupon codes will expire July 1, which coincides with last year’s membership year (plus a 30 day grace period for the slackers). We know that some of us are probably flying less these days, but the club still has expenses that we need to stay on top of (land, equipment, etc). We REALLY appreciate your continued support.

    Next year, 2 weeks before your membership is up, the website will auto-send you a nag email to remind you about renewing. That email will contain another coupon code that will again waive the sign-up fee (neato!).

    Memberships can be renewed here, and links for storage renewals are on the same page (just below the membership options).

    Also, just as an added reminder, it might also be a good time to check your USHPA status and make sure you’re current there. If you don’t want to bother logging into the USHPA site and you already have an account here on the CSS website, you can check your USHPA status and ratings in your account profile here.

    Happy (and safe) flying.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Done (easy) but I have 4 questions…

    1) Did I screw up by paying too early? I had an existing membership expiring at end of May this year. By paying now, my account now shows that my next payment is May 2, 2021. Should it not be due instead on May 31, 2021, so I  am adding a full year from my previous expiration?

    2) Will I be billed automatically next year? I prefer avoiding auto-pay methods.

    3) I am unclear about the “general membership sign-up fee”. It seems like the purpose of the “first-time sign-up fee” is to be a fee just applicable once, to the very first time we sign up (not following renewals), and that we can use this $25 discount coupon to avoid it now (which I did). My current payment was “only” $100. But when renewing in about a year from now, will I pay $100 or $125?

    4) Since my membership payment has completed, can I delete my credit card on record under “Payment Methods” in my account?

    Thank you for making this a streamlined process, looks professional (like other online stores).

    David Webb
    General Member
    1. Not a screw-up at all, but memberships are now good for one full year from the date of purchase. So your renewal will be due next year on May 2. This is also the reason for the long grace period on the coupon codes (if folks want to eek out every last day of this last membership year and pay at the end of June, they’re free to do that). More on this in #3.
    2. We turned off all of the auto-billing stuff (we can definitely do that, but thought that more people would be against it than for), so you won’t be auto-billed. Next year, 2 weeks before your membership expires, you’ll get an auto-nag email from the site reminding you to renew.
    3. In the auto-nag email (mentioned in #2), you’ll get another coupon code that will again waive the sign-up fee (so same process as this time), making your next payment $100. Here’s what the email will look like (your coupon code will be unique to you).
    4. Feel free to remove your payment method under your account if your payment has already been processed. Just remember to update it before the next time you renew.

    Hope that clears everything up. If anyone has any issues, feel free to email info@crestlinesoaring.org.

    EDIT: Also should have mentioned, in case anyone has security concerns: We do NOT store your credit card information on the website. If you have a payment method stored, that is completely handled by the payment processor (Stripe – for those who aren’t familiar, it’s like PayPal only better; they are fully PCI compliant with all of the necessary security protocols in place).

    David Webb
    General Member

    Small request for those of you buying Associate Memberships for a family member that lives with you: would you please have your family member create an account on the site and buy their membership on their own account? This is a huge help to the club, as it gives us a very easy way to keep track of who’s who and which members are current. It also gives them their own “voice” if they want to get into some banter here in the forums.

    Much appreciated!

    John Benario
    General Member

    David, I am on a top shelf for glider storage for the discount, but when I put in the location on the renewal it says “out of stock” and greys the button.

    Edit: I realized the bin numbers are right to left, I assumed left to right. I put bin 4 and it worked. It might help others to put a caption below the picture indicating the conex number.

    David Webb
    General Member

    John – I see your order went through fine (Bin 4 – Right Front 8). Not sure what you meant by “put in the location on the renewal”, but once you buy your shelf, it makes it automatically unavailable for others to buy (that’s when it says “out of stock”).

    I heard someone was going to be painting big numbers on the bins (since they are right to left), but I don’t think that’s happened yet. I did put a note about that on the Storage page since someone else didn’t know that either.

    EDIT: Just added the same note about the right to left thing on both storage purchase pages too.

    John Benario
    General Member

    The renewal page requires one to put in





    so I “put in the location” and it didn’t work for the wrong bin, but did work for the correct bin.


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