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Jimmy Bagheslai
General Member

The reason why we had to move the data to another host was that David blocked us from accessing the raw data.
We need to be able to check on the health of that station, which was made impossible since the move.

this situation was similar to the internet we had in the LZ, it would be turned off arbitrary, blocking us from sending our data out.
I had a problem to fix and found a soultion to make it work again.
Same thing here.

Who cares how/where the data actually is routed?

The important thing is that the data was accessible (to all) again, Gavin agreed to that.

David was the first to receive the link where the data is updated, here it is again:

He simply refuses to just get the data from there.
Sad to see money wasted, I sure hope this is not from the donation funds, and not from the club’s assets.