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    David Webb
    General Member

    Some of you have asked about the weather stations being offline. Not to get into the gory details, but due to a situation outside of my control, the Marshall weather station has stopped sending data to this website. We are actively pursuing an alternative solution that should be great for long-term reliability and ease of operation. Will post an update about that here when we know more.

    The point person for the AJX and CRS weather stations is still working on logging into those to get those updated so that they’re sending data to the right place.

    We know that the weather station data are some of our most valuable and useful club assets, so rest assured that we’re trying to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Thank you for working on this David, and to all those involved.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Update: the new weather station is on order! 🤘

    Will post again when we’re closer to knowing the installation date. Appreciate the patience.

    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    The reason why we had to move the data to another host was that David blocked us from accessing the raw data.
    We need to be able to check on the health of that station, which was made impossible since the move.

    this situation was similar to the internet we had in the LZ, it would be turned off arbitrary, blocking us from sending our data out.
    I had a problem to fix and found a soultion to make it work again.
    Same thing here.

    Who cares how/where the data actually is routed?

    The important thing is that the data was accessible (to all) again, Gavin agreed to that.

    David was the first to receive the link where the data is updated, here it is again:

    He simply refuses to just get the data from there.
    Sad to see money wasted, I sure hope this is not from the donation funds, and not from the club’s assets.

    David Webb
    General Member

    This is complete rubbish, Jimmy. There’s no grand conspiracy out to get you. The data wasn’t blocked, and you made no mention of switching the data over to the other  (non-club) site. I have absolutely nothing to gain by shutting off the weather station data. I tried emailing you about it and you ghosted me after telling me to retrieve the data from the other site. I already did a whole lot of extra development work when building the site to accommodate you so that you wouldn’t have to make any changes, and now you make an arbitrary change and expect me to spend a whole bunch of extra time redoing what I already did. What happens when you get in a bad mood again and decide that you don’t like Gavin anymore? Do I need to code around your moods?

    Absolute bullshit. The club is better off not having its weather data beholden to one person that’s (already proven) to just switch it off cause they have a beef.

    On top of all that – the data on the website (from all the stations) is easily accessible by anyone that asks (its JSON data which is very easy to consume and write scripts against). You just had to ask (but you didn’t).

    I also made you a page to check the power on that station and sent you a link to it (the link is even at the bottom of the main weather page).

    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Lol, for three years everything was fine, reporting weather like a clockwork from Marshall.

    Then David Webb comes along and against my urging and for his own reasons, shuts us out of our data.


    It is still not accessible, putting David Webb’s claim to rest.

    Please all, please just click on that link , I asked a few who took screenshots of our data path.


    David Webb error instead of data
    (so much to who’s bullshiting here)

    I agree that not one person should have control over the data, that person became David Webb, who just cut us off.

    David Webb was pulling data from CSS already, this is *exactly* the same procedure, no extra work, another of his bogus claims.

    That power page David Webb made I never asked for. In fact, I gave clear instructions what we needed, gave him the link and all, it would be just a copy and paste.
    I have all those endless emails….

    Yet David Webb chose, for your his own reasons, to do totally unnecessary and useless “extra work”, and claims that that is what we should use.

    Again, since it’s inception 3 years ago we had *absolutely* no problem with the admin of CSS, in fact, Ken was a helpful gentleman and never an issue.

    Here is the link to an actual good weather page:


    click on the compass, or



    David Webb
    General Member

    You’ve obviously made no effort to understand how this works. The links you provided no longer exist, and I told you that from the beginning. That link above was to access a flat text file with day by day data (the old script handling the data was creating a text file every day that the weather station posted data to it). That method is super inefficient and difficult to query (if you want to only look at an hour of data, you have to download the whole day; also, there’s no way to look at data for multiple days without downloading a bunch of files).

    Now (and I described this to you in detail before it went up), the data goes into a database where it’s now easy to retrieve (by anyone who wants to pull the data), and easy to manage (no one has to deal with a folder full of text files that just build up to infinity).

    “Clockwork” – my entire flying career of a little over a year and I don’t think there’s been a single day I’ve come up to fly when there hasn’t been some kind of issue with the weather stations or the web cams, so let’s not go into that one.

    The power page – you had complained about its many shortcomings (the old one), so I put one together as a courtesy to you. You then complained about that one.

    I’m super done arguing with you about any of this. You’ve proven yourself to be a complete nightmare to interact with (with any club issue that’s come up). Believe whatever you want, but the new Marshall station should arrive later this week, I’ve been working with Ken on updates and testing with AJX and CRS (he’s been super easy and helpful to work with), so those should be back online soon as well.

    Please adult up and drop this – the flame war on the forums is not productive.

    EDIT: Almost forgot – if you’re on an iPhone (which according to the analytics for the website is the overwhelming majority of us) – the flymarshall graph doesn’t work at all in portrait mode. Not sure if I’m alone here, but I don’t walk around with my phone sideways, holding it with both hands all the time. The new weather page (CSS) was tested to work well on lots of different browser/computers/devices, and the bigger your screen, the more you see (while still being easy to use on a phone).

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    get a room

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