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David Webb
General Member

This is complete rubbish, Jimmy. There’s no grand conspiracy out to get you. The data wasn’t blocked, and you made no mention of switching the data over to the other  (non-club) site. I have absolutely nothing to gain by shutting off the weather station data. I tried emailing you about it and you ghosted me after telling me to retrieve the data from the other site. I already did a whole lot of extra development work when building the site to accommodate you so that you wouldn’t have to make any changes, and now you make an arbitrary change and expect me to spend a whole bunch of extra time redoing what I already did. What happens when you get in a bad mood again and decide that you don’t like Gavin anymore? Do I need to code around your moods?

Absolute bullshit. The club is better off not having its weather data beholden to one person that’s (already proven) to just switch it off cause they have a beef.

On top of all that – the data on the website (from all the stations) is easily accessible by anyone that asks (its JSON data which is very easy to consume and write scripts against). You just had to ask (but you didn’t).

I also made you a page to check the power on that station and sent you a link to it (the link is even at the bottom of the main weather page).