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Freedom, for all to <b>choose.</b>

Mitchell, I like the “boot licker” comment!

Peter: Hike and Fly is still an option.

I prefer to drive to launch (750), and above, then hike back and retrieve my truck. Leaving my gear behind in the container, (LOCK-UP), (Or Down).


Getting exercise and some freedom during these times helps all off us, “blow off some steam”, and release some pent up energy.

Masks: Yes, I wear them around people. To the store, etc..  It’s not a big deal for me. I will generally stay upwind of you if I’m talking with you,  I’m 65 yrs. old and use an inhaler due to asthmatic conditions. If I get this crud, I’m a goner.


Choosing to fly: Yes, under moderate conditions for me. I definitely don’t want to end up taxing the medical system due to an incident, at these times. Besides, that’s where all the Covid people are! Are you crazy?

Thank You Stephen for posting your thoughts.

Stay safe and be vigilant for ourselves and others!

Fly Safe!