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    We’re living in strange times! Amidst this outbreak, AJX will be following the county of San Bernardino’s guidelines and legal restrictions as they pertain to conducting flight operations. Current guidelines and directives can be found here:


    We are strongly recommending all of the following to any pilots still wanting to get in the air:

    • Avoid all personal contact
    • No shared vehicles and rides to launch
    • Avoid touching common surfaces
    • Leave area when done flying
    • Do not invite friends or family to AJX

    Stay safe out there.

    EDIT: California has issued a shelter in place order as of last week. More on that here.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    More good points here (Cloudbase Mayhem podcast), if you want to listen while you’re working from home:



    Light at the end of the tunnel: today, San Diego reopened / eased restrictions on many of the county parks.

    Still not back to normal by any means, and definitely still a time for conservative flying (or staying home), but that’s a good sign.

    Diana Marmorstein
    General Member

    Lucky PG’s…and any HG’s who want to retrieve their vehicles on foot…or have family members drive them.

    Effective12:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 25, 2020, and continuing until rescinded

    Public Recreational Activities. Individuals and those living in the same household or living unit,may engage in outdoor recreational activities at parks, trails and lakes, including, but not limited to, walking, running, hiking, equestrian activities, bicycle riding, boating, golfing, pickleball and tennis. While engaging in outdoor recreational activities, social distancing and face covering requirements must be complied with, gatherings may not occur,….


    James Hall
    General Member

    San Bernardino county’s official page says the following.

    ”A State and Local Health Order has been placed for residents to stay at home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job. If you must leave your home for an essential outing, wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth and keep at least 6 feet of distance from other people.”


    Exactly how is AJX operating close to normal with commercial activities, students, visiting pilots, and oh yeah – emergency services being delivered? Maybe those of you participating feel you’re super cool, or some kind of aerial outlaw, but many of us have other words to describe you and your  irresponsible actions.


    Thanks for that James.  I, for one, agree with you.  I had planned to do some flying this spring.  Was looking forward to it.  Decided it was selfish.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Different choices and still be right?  <– This is a link.


    It’s the job of Americans who respect the Constitutional principles this nation was based on, to violate unjust laws. When the original intent of the founding documents was considered, freedom of movement and right to travel without restriction was considered so given, taken for granted, it was not going to be included in the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

    Yet here you are, suggesting this is an acceptable course of action, for a man with self respect, and respect for this country, and the principles the United States of America was based on.

    No sale.

    don’t be boot lickers, it’s only going to get worse, if no one resists unjust laws.


    I wrote our beloved congress person, Paul Cook the following:

    It’s my job to violate unjust laws, it’s your job to address and prosecute state government actors who violate the law of the land, by arbitrarily restricting freedom of movement.
    Gavin Newsom and the police in California have violated Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of movement, and I don’t see the federal government doing it’s job to prosecute unjust and illegal decrees.
    State governments cannot legally enforce laws that restrict movement or travel anywhere in the state on public roads, or between states.
    There’s plenty of case law on that.

    U.S. Constitution Annotated Amendment XIV. RIGHTS GUARANTEED Section I

    Crandall v. Nevada, 73 U.S. (6 Wall.) 35 (1868). It was observed in United States v. Wheeler, 254 U.S. 281, 299 (1920), that the statute at issue in Crandall was actually held to burden directly the performance by the United States of its governmental functions. Cf. Passenger Cases (Smith v. Turner), 48 U.S. (7 How.) 283, 491–92 (1849) (Chief Justice Taney dissenting). Four concurring Justices in Edwards v. California, 314 U.S. 160, 177, 181 (1941), would have grounded a right of interstate travel on the privileges or immunities clause. More recently, the Court declined to ascribe a source but was content to assert the right to be protected. United States v. Guest, 383 U.S. 745, 758 (1966); Shapiro v. Thompson, 394 U.S. 618, 629–31 (1969). Three Justices ascribed the source to this clause in Oregon v. Mitchell, 400 U.S. 112, 285–87 (1970) (Justices Stewart and Blackmun and Chief Justice Burger, concurring in part and dissenting in part).

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    CNN > The psychology behind why some people won’t wear masks. <– This is a link.

    Some are afraid “it could make them look weak”.


    Mitch I did not choose to stay earthbound because of a law.

    Jeff Boehler
    General Member

    Freedom, for all to <b>choose.</b>

    Mitchell, I like the “boot licker” comment!

    Peter: Hike and Fly is still an option.

    I prefer to drive to launch (750), and above, then hike back and retrieve my truck. Leaving my gear behind in the container, (LOCK-UP), (Or Down).


    Getting exercise and some freedom during these times helps all off us, “blow off some steam”, and release some pent up energy.

    Masks: Yes, I wear them around people. To the store, etc..  It’s not a big deal for me. I will generally stay upwind of you if I’m talking with you,  I’m 65 yrs. old and use an inhaler due to asthmatic conditions. If I get this crud, I’m a goner.


    Choosing to fly: Yes, under moderate conditions for me. I definitely don’t want to end up taxing the medical system due to an incident, at these times. Besides, that’s where all the Covid people are! Are you crazy?

    Thank You Stephen for posting your thoughts.

    Stay safe and be vigilant for ourselves and others!

    Fly Safe!


    Jeff Boehler
    General Member

    AJX David kiting 5-9=20

    <b>Social Distancing: a sign of the times. I believe it is David kiting?</b>


    Landing! Plenty of distance (not a soul around).

    Great catch on the webcam, Jeff!

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