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Jimmy Bagheslai
General Member

Lol, for three years everything was fine, reporting weather like a clockwork from Marshall.

Then David Webb comes along and against my urging and for his own reasons, shuts us out of our data.


It is still not accessible, putting David Webb’s claim to rest.

Please all, please just click on that link , I asked a few who took screenshots of our data path.


David Webb error instead of data
(so much to who’s bullshiting here)

I agree that not one person should have control over the data, that person became David Webb, who just cut us off.

David Webb was pulling data from CSS already, this is *exactly* the same procedure, no extra work, another of his bogus claims.

That power page David Webb made I never asked for. In fact, I gave clear instructions what we needed, gave him the link and all, it would be just a copy and paste.
I have all those endless emails….

Yet David Webb chose, for your his own reasons, to do totally unnecessary and useless “extra work”, and claims that that is what we should use.

Again, since it’s inception 3 years ago we had *absolutely* no problem with the admin of CSS, in fact, Ken was a helpful gentleman and never an issue.

Here is the link to an actual good weather page:


click on the compass, or