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David Webb
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You’ve obviously made no effort to understand how this works. The links you provided no longer exist, and I told you that from the beginning. That link above was to access a flat text file with day by day data (the old script handling the data was creating a text file every day that the weather station posted data to it). That method is super inefficient and difficult to query (if you want to only look at an hour of data, you have to download the whole day; also, there’s no way to look at data for multiple days without downloading a bunch of files).

Now (and I described this to you in detail before it went up), the data goes into a database where it’s now easy to retrieve (by anyone who wants to pull the data), and easy to manage (no one has to deal with a folder full of text files that just build up to infinity).

“Clockwork” – my entire flying career of a little over a year and I don’t think there’s been a single day I’ve come up to fly when there hasn’t been some kind of issue with the weather stations or the web cams, so let’s not go into that one.

The power page – you had complained about its many shortcomings (the old one), so I put one together as a courtesy to you. You then complained about that one.

I’m super done arguing with you about any of this. You’ve proven yourself to be a complete nightmare to interact with (with any club issue that’s come up). Believe whatever you want, but the new Marshall station should arrive later this week, I’ve been working with Ken on updates and testing with AJX and CRS (he’s been super easy and helpful to work with), so those should be back online soon as well.

Please adult up and drop this – the flame war on the forums is not productive.

EDIT: Almost forgot – if you’re on an iPhone (which according to the analytics for the website is the overwhelming majority of us) – the flymarshall graph doesn’t work at all in portrait mode. Not sure if I’m alone here, but I don’t walk around with my phone sideways, holding it with both hands all the time. The new weather page (CSS) was tested to work well on lots of different browser/computers/devices, and the bigger your screen, the more you see (while still being easy to use on a phone).