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@ Jana Pivkova I think you should read what, “John Benario” had to say,(again): — “The page mentions that because of two pilot to pilot lawsuits the RRG is going to run a loss this year, and warns of long term viability because of suits like these. One of the suits being about” “a collision between a kiting glider and a glider coming in to land.

We are not disagreeing on this topic. All of us are advocating for safety and mutual respect. We all want to be able to land safely, wherever that may have to be. That means talking to people who seem not to know any better, and asking them politely to get away from an active landing area. Next time you’re sitting at the LZ watching people kite and you see a problem brewing, please get up and nicely go remind the pilot on the ground to clear the runway. We all need to pitch in to keep everyone safe & happy.

Jana wrote:“Do we then fine hang gliders who can’t land in their own part of the field? Or just paragliders kiting their wing too close to the line”? Seriously? You Really said that?? You honestly think that kiting a PG is more important, than a pilot attempting to Land their glider,(PG or HG)?? Before you answer; re-read what John Benario had to say, above. Do Ya get it now? Because i believe the usage permit that CSS has for their club members ability to fly; i think it’s contingent upon an insurance policy, being in place? What are ya gonna do, when it’s gone? Or maybe you haven’t thought it? If something isn’t done promptly; it is an accident waiting to happen, and another lawsuit, just waiting to take the RRG under. I already have a plan in place, if that happens, and i’m still gonna get to soar gliders legally; what are you going to do?

I believe it was you who began talking about drawing lines onto the grass, fining people and calling the cops for crossing lines. I was merely pointing out the fact that your suggestion was unrealistic and ineffective. I think it’s obvious to most people who read my post, that I ask everyone to keep an eye out and respect each other’s space, especially pilots who are landing. Doesn’t matter what you’re flying.

We need and welcome the newbies, their presence will keep the club going for years to come, but that means there’s a potential element of danger. We can mitigate that danger by working together to educate those who (for whatever reason) missed that part of the lesson. None of us want more incidents or accidents, which means we need everyone to be proactive when we see a potential problem developing.