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Mark Hoffmann
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During the CSS elections vote a few months ago there is a data field for questions… I asked the question of who is responsible if a HG or PG pilot landing their aircraft fly’s into a person or pilot in the LZ… I asked since there seems to be more and more LZ activity including the HG schools gator and T-Hill students…The question was never answered by any board member or even the New Prez :)

I thought ALL members signed a release???? Which by the way i do not recall that portion of my latest member renewal that i performed last week…… So I guess I asked a question that i already should have know the answer to since i did sign the waivers…..

Q: Are there new guide lines now with the RRG that void members waivers????

Q: why would the RRG become involved since all members should have signed the waivers?

release of liability