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David Webb
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I don’t think there’s a tidy black and white answer for that one. I can’t speak for the whole board, but it seems to me that each situation has to be treated individually, instead of saying that the person on the ground or the person landing is the one at fault. What if a pilot was not in control and plowed into someone packing up their HG in the breakdown area? What if a PG kiting moved into the HG area while a pilot was on final and the HG had to divert and crashed? There’s definitely nuance there.

You’re definitely correct that we all signed the waiver, but it’s clear that some honest and productive discussion is needed to foster a culture of safety at the club. Let’s work to figure out if the answer is new rules, better communication among all of us, or some combination of the two.

For your renewal this year – there was a popup with the waiver that you had to accept in order to buy your membership (just like the old paper method). It comes up when you click the sign up button. The text of that waiver can also be found in the club library here.