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Jonathan Dietch
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I will take an educated guess at addressing your questions.

“I asked the question of who is responsible if a HG or PG pilot landing their aircraft fly’s into a person or pilot in the LZ….I thought ALL members signed a release????”

Either one or both party may be considered responsible for an LZ collision. Depending on who did what, it’s possible the one party may trigger the liability coverage exclusion and could be held personally liable for any personal injury to the other party. Our liability policy is filled with exclusions that may render it void. Pilots need to understand that they are in fact personally liable for any consequence of any dumb shit that they do and then maybe if they’re lucky the RRRG won’t hang them out to dry and leave them holding their schmucks or other organ grabbed by the POTUS.

“Q: Are there new guide lines now with the RRG that void members waivers????”

AFAIK member waivers may be voided by a civil court or by prior suspension/expulsion from USHPA or failure to renew since there is no grace period with retroactive benefits like I get with my auto insurance.

“Q: why would the RRG become involved since all members should have signed the waivers?”

Waivers may be ignored or voided by the courts and so RRRG must step in  to see that the courts honor both the waivers and the Doctrine of Assumption of Risk. Otherwise it becomes open season for Personal Injury Attorneys and whining pilots or aggrieved individuals to raid our insurance piggybank.

In case pilots have forgotten, we have an even more serious situation on launch where certain pilots, regardless of what type of vehicle they are flying consider the space in front of  and top of both ramps on both Marshall and Crestline to be very own their personal playpen and well, “Fuck everybody else!” These pilots need to stop this shit yesterday or be dealt with harshly for being the next cause of loss of our liability insurance and therefore many flying sites and maybe the loss of your use of your limbs. Don’t be nice with these infantile assholes. None of the habitual offenders deserves to be treated as anything less than a threat to our flying sites and our personal safety. Keep a camera mounted above your keel to record activity above and below your glider for documentation. Smart road cyclists and bikers do this every time they ride along with smart motorists who use dashcams. I was done using cameras until this past Sunday when I got the “Fuck you!” treatment by at least two different offenders on Crestline.

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