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David Webb
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It was indeed a cool Sunday. Here’s mine:

Got in a morning uber/hike/fly from Marshall. The flowers along the road really liked the rain:


Had a smooth, boaty, 30 minute flight at 10AM with lots of cloud cover. Definitely could have scratched more for lift to stay up – was a sign of things to come.

Late afternoon on Marshall turned much more West, which made for weird launch conditions. Several PGs blowing launches. Got in the air and lift everywhere – lots of no-turn climbs, but I couldn’t seem to push much past 5600′ (other pilots above me though). Also had a few firsts:

  • Tagged the radio towers east of Marshall
  • Tagged the freeway
  • Tagged the reservoir


Was hard to get down at the end, even with big ears and speedbar – lift seemed to be more widespread as it got later.

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