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    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Launched a Sport 3 170 hang glider from the 750 launch at about 15:25 on 6/7/2020 under clear skies with scattered puffies and some PGs & HGs floating around.

    Went subterranean briefly through the first spine, as my GPS track will attest, so you can imagine the strength of the sink!


    Bumped into several bits of lift that were not there when I went back.  Almost was lucky above the training hill. Wind switched 20 degrees to my right on final. Wrestled downtubes to keep it level as I trotted it out. 4.5 minutes. Video will be delayed; too many highlights!

    Similarly switchy the next few landings; otherwise unexpected wing-drops and such. Pilots reported big sink along with the lift. An intermediate pilot landed at the bailout LZ in Devil Canyon, downwind, uphill, fly-on-the-wall like you’re supposed to and damaged only his pride.

    Gliders were coming down steadily an hour later when I got back to the LZ with my truck. Wind was picking up. Heard a PG went in at Crestline after I left the LZ.

    2020-06-05 18.00.48

    David Webb
    General Member

    It was indeed a cool Sunday. Here’s mine:

    Got in a morning uber/hike/fly from Marshall. The flowers along the road really liked the rain:


    Had a smooth, boaty, 30 minute flight at 10AM with lots of cloud cover. Definitely could have scratched more for lift to stay up – was a sign of things to come.

    Late afternoon on Marshall turned much more West, which made for weird launch conditions. Several PGs blowing launches. Got in the air and lift everywhere – lots of no-turn climbs, but I couldn’t seem to push much past 5600′ (other pilots above me though). Also had a few firsts:

    • Tagged the radio towers east of Marshall
    • Tagged the freeway
    • Tagged the reservoir


    Was hard to get down at the end, even with big ears and speedbar – lift seemed to be more widespread as it got later.

    Track log

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Sunday Sledder Sport-3 Seven-Fifty
    If’n Ida observated a spell afore launchin’ I could of timed it advantageous like.

    This Seventh day of June, the Year of Our Lord Twenty ‘n Twenty.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Shot a little bit of video too – it shows how quick the cloud development was (this was over the course of about 2 hours):

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