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Darren Dix
General Member

Well, I’ve got 4 days training and a new Mojo 6. This is awesome! One thing I noticed right away is that the “landing zone” for the bunny hill is in dire need of pruning, and that this is a pretty big job. I’ve got a gas weed whacker and all tools needed to do it. but I thought to ask for some help from other club members or whoever will help. Probably like 5 or 6 people would be ideal. I didn’t want to just learn how to fly and blow it off since I don’t need it anymore. I found that there are a lot of sharp twigs to snag on, and star thistle galore that is potentially hazardous, and hard on wings and lines. Well, I’m the F.N.G., so I’ll do my part. Alright, then it’s assholes and elbows… who will help?