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    Good news! 🤗 We have a new driver available if/when you need a ride up the mountain. 🚘

    This is especially useful for pilots who don’t want (or are not allowed due to their newbie P2 status restrictions) to go up sooner than 3:00PM or 4:00PM for a more mellow sunset-type flight (the shuttles usually go up at 12:00 and 1:00PM(🤔?) only).

    Darren can take up to 5 passengers, and can take paragliders or hang gliders. He’ll charge $15.00 per person. He’ll also drive for a single passenger, but that will set that person back $25. It’s best for both of you if you can find other pilots to share the ride with you. You can call him at (909) 265-2792.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Added Darren’s info to the Rides page as well, for easy access.

    Thanks for your service, Darren!

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    My pleasure there, David.  Just got the pads on my lumber racks for hang gliders.  I appreciate the welcome, and intend to try my best to maintain harmony amongst the pilot community.  By no means do I intend to steal business from other shuttle drivers, so please, let’s work together in a way that is best for everyone.  It’s my job as an Aquarian!  I’d rather play some guitar and sing for y’all than create other types of energy.  ALSO–  this is a means to be able to finally justify purchasing a paraglider, and learning to hang glide as well.  Thanks for your support!

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    Also, I wanted to point out that my father and I live 1/3 of a mile from the launch in Crestline for the last 4 years.  We were entertaining the idea of offering 2 bedrooms in our house to rent nightly, exclusively to pilots.  Our house is old and quaint, but the rooms are clean and close to the launch.  My dad can be available to drive as well.  We’re not sure of a price per night, but I thought perhaps $30 a night.  Anyone interested?

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    I thought I’d mention as well, I will purchase a thorough medical kit soon to have in my truck for obvious reasons just in case.  I’d like to take a basic emergency medical course as well, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time because I am into backcountry wintersports.  I’m always looking for partners to skin up with in the winter as well, just to put that out there.


    Darren Dix
    General Member

    Got my lumber racks on my Dodge 3500, all padded up, 3 rung lumber racks.
    Tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd is forecasted to be a 14,000 foot day, and Brother Johnathan and Brother Jason, hang glider pilots are booked so far at 10:30 A.M. I’m sure I’ll fill up tomorrow, and probably get another drive after. Darren (909)265-2792. What bullshit? You’ve got wings! use ’em!

    David Webb
    General Member


    Good stuff, Darren!

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    Yeah! Well, here goes! I’m becoming a member today, and buying an Ozone Mojo 6. I’ll be training with Marcelo. Thanks for the support of the club! The driving gig is vital for me to justify the expenses of flying and gear. It’s a juggling act with a family in Brasil as well as here. That’s what makes Marcelo the perfect instructor for me, that he is from Brasil, and we both are in Rio de Janeiro a lot. SO stoked to finally get to fly with everyone after 4 years of watching and wishing!


    That’s super exciting! Congrats again! I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun out there. PLUS, you’ll probably get to go fly in Brazil! Looks like such a beautiful place. Looking forward to seeing you out there in the air when you’re ready! 😊🙌🤙

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    Well, I’ve got 4 days training and a new Mojo 6. This is awesome! One thing I noticed right away is that the “landing zone” for the bunny hill is in dire need of pruning, and that this is a pretty big job. I’ve got a gas weed whacker and all tools needed to do it. but I thought to ask for some help from other club members or whoever will help. Probably like 5 or 6 people would be ideal. I didn’t want to just learn how to fly and blow it off since I don’t need it anymore. I found that there are a lot of sharp twigs to snag on, and star thistle galore that is potentially hazardous, and hard on wings and lines. Well, I’m the F.N.G., so I’ll do my part. Alright, then it’s assholes and elbows… who will help?


    It’s nice to see you so enthusiastic! 😁 Might be good to start a new thread for this project, so it doesn’t get lost here. Also try posting it here for more exposure: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marshall.crestline/


    Hey Darren, welcome to the group.

    Sounds like you are moving forward with your plans to aviate.

    Great Plan!

    I know a guy, who knows a guy, that knows another guy, that can run a CSS club tractor, to clear that landing field. Between all of us guys, we’ll get it done very soon.

    That way, you can keep up the great training plan you’re on.

    Fly Safe!

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    YES!! Thanks for mowing the bunny landing. I’ll get in there are prune some of those nasty little stumps with my makita anyway. Makes such a huge difference to a beginner to not have to deal with so much tangle even for a good landing.


    Awesome! I saw Tim and Gene trying to fix the mower last Sunday and asked if they’d be able to clean up the overshoot LZ for the students. I’m happy and super grateful they got on that right away. Wohoo!😍

    Darren Dix
    General Member

    Well, I’m amazed at how much I learn every day flying. Today, I did not fly, but I probably learned more today about flying by not flying. What I did today was a retrieval of a hang glider that made and emergency “landing” out in the bushes on top of Pine mountain due to the effects of a venturi.
    At first, I didn’t really want to do it, not knowing how rugged the dirt road is. It was rugged, but doable for my truck, but only with 4×4. Anyway, there is a larger story that happened today by far, but I will stick to the point that I learned today that stuck out as even more important than to not fuck up and land in the bushes or the trees. I myself, before today, seemed to adopt the common attitude that I seriously doubt it will be me that winds up in the bushes or a tree. That attitude is only relevant until it isn’t. What I just saw happen was a hang glider pilot make an emergency crash landing into bushes, luck the hell out, and then face a 4 hour hike down a luckily groomed dirt road, another huge luck out and blessing. An hour was wasted going on the wrong road that appeared to be a “short cut”, then back up to the real route.

    In the course of the rest of the fortunately lucky escape route on the nicely groomed dirt road, our brother became dehydrated for not carrying emergency drinking water with him while flying, something that I as a rookie have tried to warn people about that fly. What IF you wind up suck in a tree all day (or all the rest of the night as it might be and into the next day, etc..) You may wind up scott free and without a scratch landing/crashing only to die of dehydration because you didn’t pack any water and there’s no cell reception as there was not in this area. Our brother was toward the bottom of the road where there is an obvious large spring, BUT… are you packing a U.V. pen to sterilize this water, or iodine? You can become fatally ill from this, especially combined with being exhausted from escaping such an ordeal.

    I am an experienced backcountry snowboarder and lover of hiking and backpacking. If you are not, you will find these things out the day you wind up in a tree.

    My current adjusted attitude is this: It’s not that I doubt I will wind up in a tree, I will prepare in full for the day I wind up in a tree!

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