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    Yesterday (Saturday) disappointed from the predicted forecast. Ideal 13 mph SW wind predicted, but instead delivered WNW wind all afternoon. Bummer, many of us were fooled into this false hope.

    Today (Sunday May 29, 2022) it seemed like a repeat: Favorable conditions predicted, but again WNW wind until I gave up hope by 3 pm. Still home at 4:15 pm it looked good enough to go-for-it. I was ready to launch by 5:00 pm (I live 2 miles away).

    Yesterday’s sorrow was soon forgiven, in the form of a convergence line allowing to speed-bar upwind across the valley while in lift to cloudbase. Kind of like an upside-down bridge.2022_05_29_CA_a_Soboba_Convergence_Clouds

    Arrival at Juniper Flats, at cloudbase near 6k.2022_05_29_CA_b_Soboba_JuniperFlat_Ridge2022_05_29_CA_c_Soboba_JuniperFlat_Cloudbase

    Return glide to Soboba was easy thanks to lift and a tailwind. 3 PG’s made it across, while 2 of us made it back, where the 3rd explored a bit too much.2022_05_29_CA_d_Soboba_JuniperFlat_LookingBack

    My flight animated by AYVRI. I landed at sunset and logged a 2 hour 37 min flight.

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