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    Ken Howells
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    “I ran into the wind and three minutes later I was above where I’d started…”


    Got lucky.  My general 750 hypothesis has been that if you’re feeling a good breeze on launch then the thermal is probably (mostly) behind you. So I’ve been sorta timing the cycles and launching when a good one is just starting and the breeze isn’t blowing in real solidly yet.

    Today it was flowing very steadily as I walked to launch so I just trotted off the hill and worked the faces until a couple of thermals got their ship together.

    I had great fun working the hillside lift above the 750 then over at Last Chance to Regionals to Cloud Peak to below Marshall, where eventually a Pagen-looking thermal came through and a cruised over the top after ten minutes in Purgatory.

    Nice day.

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