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    Ken Howells
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    In-between conditions while the seasons change. Convergence possibilities for the aggressive. People setting up at Crestline saw the wind turn N so had to go to Marshall. Figured I’d enjoy a sledder & hike more than long sledder so I took a chance from the 750 with a Sport 3 155. Circled many times in both directions but didn’t climb.2020-11-01 14.05.16
    Nice Sport 3 155.

    Some pilots from up high landed and talked about getting to 8k MSL but not going anywhere much, others about how they didn’t like the trashy air at all.

    2020-11-01 14.05.27
    Clear overhead.

    2020-11-01 14.05.33
    Owen Morse with his T3 up at Cloud Peak. He passes by the 350 in the video.

    2020-11-01 13.34.55
    Fire in the Jurupa Hills, south Fontana. Eventually the smoke streamed downslope and up a couple of grand where it hit SSE flow and so doubled back to the NW sharply for a ways.

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