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    2022 CSS Board of Director/Officer Positions Election is upon us. Our club is able to continue to exist thanks to the volunteers who are willing to donate some of their time to keep it going. If you, or someone you know would like to volunteer for one of the positions, please submit your nomination to info@crestlinesoaring.org, so that the name(s) can be included on the upcoming ballot.

    Check out the link below to read the details. If you’re a CSS member, you should have received this e-mail in your inbox. If you haven’t, all the same info is included in the link. Just to be clear, these positions provide no monetary compensation. The reward is in keeping our flying site open for many more decades to come. 🙂



    Hey everyone, just a reminder that we need your nominations for this year’s new board. Please submit your nominations, so that we can put those names on the ballot. You may also nominate yourself.

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