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    The 2022 CSS Board of Directors Election is upon us and you should be receiving your ballot today around noon, March 9th, 2022.

    Please make sure to check your e-mail and submit your vote! You may also write in your own (willing) candidates that are not included on the ballot. You have 30 days from today (which is April 8th I believe) to cast your votes. We will learn the results of the election by April 9th, 2022.

    I want to thank those who volunteered to stay on to continue their service to the club, as well as the new candidates who wish to contribute to the club this year and make it a great place to fly. Good luck to all of you!



    I want to remind everyone that you have to be a General CSS club member to get a ballot and vote! Technically you shouldn’t be doing any activity on the grass without a club membership. If you haven’t done this, please sign up here: https://crestlinesoaring.org/join/

    Jeff Lengyel
    General Member

    I checked spam and inbox and did not receive a ballot. Can it be resent to me?


    Hi Jeff, if this hasn’t been taken care of yet, let Ed know, or I’ll remind him.


    Congratulations to all the winners ! A good blend of continuity and new people…

    President: Stan Barankiewicz

    VP: Jai Pal Khalsa

    Treasurer: Jeff Bether

    Secretary: Marcello DeBarros

    Safety: Dan DeWeese

    Communications: Ignacio “Nacho” Peresson

    Site: Tim Ward

    Events: Jessi Laird

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